Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tips in Finding Job in Cebu

Cebu City is the center city in Cebu and Visayas. When you look for a job, the best place is in Cebu City. Today, finding job in Cebu is not easy if you are lack of training or experience. We think that if we are experience and have a lot of trainings, we are more advantage in finding job in Cebu. We need some latest training in order to be gainfully employed. Finding job in Cebu can be done online. is one of the site you can find a job. You can send resume and application through online. There are also other online sites we can find a job. The sites are,, You may also go on searching in the Google find job in Cebu.

A friend of mine shares his experience how to find job in Cebu. He said, you need to practice first what you are going to speak to the interviewer, anticipate what question they are going to ask. The attire you are going to wear must fit to what position you were applying, the resume must also connect to the position you were applying also, avoid putting experiences not related to the position you are going to apply. Those are some tips in finding job in Cebu though online. You may visit the LDS Employment Resource Center for coaching. It is located at 5th floor FGU Center near Ayala Center Cebu.

Our most ultimate goal is to be interviewed by the decision maker, that our resume and application will not be wasted. Finding Job in Cebu through Online is the easiest way than going office to office and you can save time. You may apply as many as you can while enjoying refreshment inside the café.

Aside from online job application, you need to have someone who know you inside the company where you are going to apply. But before applying for a job to a certain company, you need to know what the company is doing, what they expect from you and what you expect from them. Your effort is not in vain if you really know what job you were applying.

Good luck, and do your best. Learn from your previous experience and ask for a mentor for your success. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Better Ideas for Jobs in Cebu

Two types of Job Offers

There are two types of job offers in Cebu, part time and full time. A full time job offers a minimum wage at the start while the part time job offers much higher pay more than the minimum wages however it is an on call base.

One best source of Cebu Job is through,,, and online searching. Everyday there are lot of people who are looking for a job, some are losing a job. Through the use of internet we can search for a Cebu Job, apply for a job and others.

A full time job that are posted in the internet news papers and other job search company sometimes is hard to get, but if you know someone inside you have the advantage. If you want a part time job, there is also company who offers these kind of job that you are going to work on weekends. To look for these job offers, you may log on at I believe it could help. You may land for a full time job or part time job, the same that you are earning for the leaving cost. Your personal needs, family needs, future needs, housing, health and for emergencies.

There is other kind of work that you can consider a good opportunity. A friend of mine offers a multi level marketing where in we can generates income from it. All you need to do is to invite all your friends. 1% of 100 is better than 100% of one. Meaning we will be working as a team. If you need to have time with your family and to your mother, do this job but it requires lot of time and effort as you develop a group that will help you become independent.

Cebu is one of the City in which in terms of opportunities there’s a lot. Cebu Job are hiring every day. How are we going to qualify and where we can found this Cebu job opportunity?

Making money is sometimes hard for those who have no of experience and easy for those who are experienced, however skilled people are more advantage. College graduates have also the advantage since some of the companies require professional people to work in their establishment. Requirement is also needed. To become prepared in every opportunity especially the Cebu Job, we need also to have a complete requirement. What are those requirements? Let us show to the employer that we are interested to that job by doing preparations to proved also that we are an eligible and worthy. Having the following requirements are necessary, these are: NBI or Police Clearance, Health Card, and other clearances that has been issued by the local governments. Having these clearances meaning that the company can trust you because you are free from any crime and worthy for the Cebu Job.